John Healey was a US Army Soldier and Military Contractor. In 2004, while working in Iraq, a situation occurred that set John up for the awakening that we're all waiting for. A subsequent healing journey ensued and transformation unfolded.

1. Timothy Conway

 A great sense of WONDER also pervaded consciousness, like experiencing life for the very first time. I could no longer be bored by anyone or anything, but was sincerely interested in everyone and everything. Each moment in time and every circumstantial place felt entirely SACRED, made of God's Light and Love-- no matter how "ordinary" or "banal" it might seem to worldly opinion.  


 Enlightenment is the realisation that ‘I’ am not the body, i.e. the freedom from fear of death (of the body). I would say that an awakening is the realisation that ‘I’ am not the mind and it can be quite profound, but it is still an experience and there is still an ‘I’ or mind in control – you just realise that it is in control.  With full realisation, the mind subsides and there is no experience anymore – it’s actually the end of seeking experience and the end of the concept of time. It’s the end of all concepts. 


 What this means for me today: Life is clearer, simpler and I am more present. Detachment is there. Thought is more functional. Truth and honesty is paramount. Sometimes it is difficult to be with people who have great unconscious beliefs yet do not know this. I was like that too before, that‟s why I guess I feel I am able to help others on their own awakening path. In the beginning we need a helping hand, but as we become more conscious the understanding just arises.  


 There are simply no series of "awakenings." I know that some teachers say that there are, but it is not. This feeds into the myth that there is a person there to experience these awakenings, when all there is is the experiences themselves. Y



I realized that we are Immortal Beings. That there is no death. That this terrestrial realm is very real while in it, but that it is only an illusion!

I know why we are here and where we are going. That it is our Soul who we communicate with. Who watches over us and gives us guidance and comfort. 


The human ego is just a notion of incompleteness, separation and inadequacy. Ideas do not evolve. However, certain rare individuals do consciously change in line with certain ideals. But there is no evidence that the human race is getting any better. There is no evidence that it is getting any worse either. The light and the dark forces that make up the apparent reality…duality…are always more or less in balance.  


The biggest danger of the Intermediate Zone of course is inflation, which is evident by claims of unique personal revelation or Godhood.  So anyone who who confers amazing experiences (such as shaktipat and so on) on disciples, and whose words and  teachings in all other respects very profound and insightful, yet who also, because of the juxtaposition of ego and realization - sincerely and genuinely claim to be .


 There was nothing different about the knife. Perhaps there was something different about how I was apparently seeing it. It seemed to be a knife with no filters, no projection, no interference. Just, very simply, exactly what it was. 


 I was living in Houston, Texas after a drug addled tour of Eastern Europe had left me homesick and disillusioned. I really couldn't believe that with all my tattoos and talent, and my sheer capacity to consume mind altering chemicals, that I wasn't famous in Budapest or Prague. Go me and my girl at the time aimed for the most American part of America we could think of. No more mineral water, no more not understanding words, no more cold weather and certainly no more shitty drugs.  


 There's no realizing that you are only awareness, even though to talk about it one might say, "I am only awareness," or "There is only awareness." It is enough -- it is too much -- to say there is only awareness. To say anything beyond a variation of, "There is only awareness," "There is only this," further diminishes the statement or confession of what is.