" I was living during 3 months in a small hut at 11 200 ft in front of beautiful snow capped mountains and next to an amazing waterfall with a permanent rainbow in it at Gangotri, one the four main sources of the Ganga river in India. Despite the cold, I woke up one night at 3 or 4 am and draw one square with a black square and a black triangle in it, then another square with 4 black triangles in it and many lines connecting different sections of the structure which makes it looking like a kind of Yantra or Mandala. Then I quickly went back to sleep because it was freezing cold. "


"My temple is in Okayama, surrounded on 2 sides by rice fields, it is very beautiful - it is a small, community temple and I really loved having ritual and religion as part of my daily life. My grandfather was head priest of our temple for over 50 years, he was a Buddhist priest to me but also someone who loved and took care of me, along with my grandmother, aunts and uncles. I was a very devout since I was a little girl, I now feel that I have my temple and practice in my heart. I've made a commitment to my family and temple that I would approach our traditions and heritage of sword making (steel work) and Buddhism with respect. "


   " I also made a sound of silence, a now - creating eternity machine. It was a reel to reel tape machine within a soundproof box with an extension leading to a microphone, which was contained inside of a thick soundproof plexiglass box.  The tape machine recorded the sound of silence inside the plexiglass box onto a perpetual tape loop; it was erasing the sound and then recording the sound and vice versa in a life cycle."