Non-duality magazine is fundamentally an investigation  into the process of "Self-realisation / Awakening/ Enlightenment/ Liberation" and consciousness itself. 

It explores this through interviews  with teachers, students, writers, philosophers, pandits &  gurus, monastics and anyone else who believes has ended their seeking or are still on path.  

If you click on the above tabs,  you will find   on going interviews with all sorts of teachers on the  various subjects.  However many of the interviews also address more  than one topic or all of the above.            
              This magazines intention is  primarily an inquiry for edification  purposes. To help clear up any  misconceptions, controversy   and confusion about the nature of   non-duality, Awareness, Awakening,   "Enlightenment" and "Liberation" and   more.  

    By  using a form of Socratic  questioning, getting to the fundamental reasons and rationale for one's beliefs and thinking   processes. It questions viewpoints   and perspectives and even questions   the questions; probing the implications and consequences of one's thoughts and actions.

Looking  at the core evidence and   conditioning for one's beliefs. It also examines the various  teaching methods, practices and  techniques.   

It  draws from all the  non-dual aspects of a variety of different   spiritual  and  wisdom traditions such as   Vedanta, Taoism, Buddhism, (Chan,   Zen, Vajrayana and Theravada), Judeo-Christian Gnosticism, Mystical Sufism, Yoga, Tantra and others. It will also compare these traditions,  as well as neo Advaita.
              Please keep in mind that this is a  non commercial venture and its  Intention is not to promote,  advertise, or endorse any teachers, organizations, books, or retreats. 

Founded  2008

Disclaimer: The views expressed within are the sole responsibility  of the authors do not necessarily reflect those of non-duality   magazine.